Special Message of Support of the Walk For Peace from Police Commissioner William Evans

I can think of no better cause to dedicate a park to than the never-ending pursuit of peace in our neighborhoods. I couldn’t be prouder or more impressed by the vision and efforts that went into turning this dream of a peace park into a reality. As Commissioner of the Boston Police Department, I can assure you that everything my officers are committed to, whether it’s taking guns off our streets to stem gun violence or handing out free ice cream to kids at community gatherings, is forever dedicated to cultivating, growing and promoting peace in our neighborhoods. Our success as a department is undoubtedly measured by the level of safety felt by our citizens. The fact that community organizations like the Charlestown Coalition were moved to create a solemn, tranquil place where neighbors and friends can gather under a banner of peace is incredibly inspiring. I know I speak for all of my officers when I say I am excited, for not only what this park represents, but also for how it will be utilized in the years to come. And, it is my sincere hope that all who gather here will be similarly moved and motivated to think long and hard about how they too can contribute to the peace effort needed to keep Boston one of the safest big cities in America.”